Everything you need to stay inspired and balanced.

Do you ever find it difficult to stay inspired and steady on a balanced path? Could you use a cheerleader and a coach? Sometimes we come upon a strategy or idea that shifts our thinking, changes our perspective, and transforms the way we do things. Many times these are simple ‘aha moments’ that require little effort----only subtle shifts. When small changes lead to Big Wins, I see that as miraculous. That's the Miracle Membership.

Welcome to the Miracle Membership.

I created the Miracle Membership to make it incredibly easy to stay inspired, feel connected, and stay on your path to being happy. 

Everything is put into just one place! It’s not one more thing on your plate. It’s making room on your plate for more joy, more balance, and more You. Overwhelm will dissolve. 

More Inspiration

Weekly inspiration with PODCASTS to keep you focused in the week ahead. In addition, you'll receive an MONTHLY AUDIO GUIDED MEDITATIONS just for teachers! Don't worry, you'll still receive your weekly dose of Sunday Soul Soup. 

Exclusive Content

Monthly themes with EXCLUSIVE access to new and curated content on the membership site. You'll receive downloads, instructional resources, and beautiful materials to save you time and create balance. It's all done for you!

Courses & Coaching

Exclusive access to the online course and Quarterly Q & A's with Brooke where you can ask anything and get advice to your most pressing problems.

"Over time, we can truly experience miracles with the right guidance, resource, or support. That’s true transformation. That’s the Miracle Membership." Brooke Hamby

Bonus Materials: Brain Balance Guide & Mini-Course Happiness Toolkit Guide & Mini-Course  

Get your year started off righ with brain balance. The Brain Balance Guide and 30 minute video provide you with simple and strategic tools to make your brain work for you! Included is the Happiness Tool Kit and Mini-Course to neurohack happy---training your brain to keep those positive brain waves going. 


Weekly podcasts sent to you to keep you inspired and connected through the week. It'll be like I'm your personal coach and cheerleader every week!


Monthly themes such as a growth mindset, being proactive, gratitude, and meditation with beautically created resources to save you time and create balance. 

Guided Meditations

Each month you'll receive a guided meditation to keep you focused and centered. Each month will focus on a different mantra to decrease your feelings of overwhelm.

Q & A Coaching 

You'll receive answers to your most challenging problems and advice to conquer overwhelm! Each person is unique, so are your challenges! I'll answer questions sent through the quarter and answer them on a live recorded call.

Have more questions?

Q: How is the Miracle Membership delivered? A: You’ll be sent the meditations, podcasts, and monthly themes to your email. The content will also be available to you on our members only website. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive login information and your first email welcoming you to the miracles! 

Q: What if I can’t get through all the content in one month? A: The content will be available at any time. You can use it when you need it! 

Q: Can I cancel my membership if it doesn’t suit me? A: Absolutely! Try the FREE 30 DAY TRIAL, you can cancel your membership at any time. If it doesn’t work for you, then it doesn’t work for you! 

Q: Is the Miracle Membership right for me? A: If you struggle to stay balanced or feel overwhelmed, then the Miracle Membership will provide you with the weekly tools and inspiration you need. If you’ve tried a variety of strategies that don’t stick, sometimes you just need a coach and a cheerleader. That’s what the Miracle Membership will provide.