Do you find yourself struggling meeting all the needs of your students? The good news is that there’s usually only one of four challenges that teachers face with differentiation.  

Sometimes we’re so close that we struggle with diagnosing and deciding what our students need. Sometimes it just feels like we don’t have enough time to reach all their needs, or we just feel overwhelmed with all the different needs of our students. Or maybe you know exactly what to do but you just don’t have the time.  

Answer the four questions of this differentiation diagnostic quiz and discover the right solution to meet all your learners.  

I’ve spent thousands of hours as an NIET Master Teacher, determining exactly what it takes to meet the needs of all students, everywhere. But I can’t do that for YOU unless you’re in my school district.  

But I created this tool and mini-PD so you can see exactly what you and your students need now! © 2018 | Being Teacher